Matrimonial Investigations

Cheating partner or just suspicious? want to know what is really happening and discover the truth? who can I turn to?

You come to us – we are the professionals who through our experience will investigate and uncover the truth - if it is there for you, we will find it. Our specially trained operatives use the latest technical equipment and are ready and standing by to investigate your case and support you in finding the truth. Principally this will involve some form of covert surveillance, which can be tailored to your budget and circumstances. We will provide a range of options to manage and fully investigate the situation, giving you the confidence that our conduct will strictly adhere to the demands of the Law of the UK. This discipline will ensure that all material collected is ready for Court should any legal proceedings be considered in the future.

On every investigation a dedicated Investigation manager will personally meet with you and get to understand your issue and provide you with information and options to help you establish what method and type of investigation you require.

Our initial consultations are always free and we undertake to provide you with an agreed written quote of the charges, detailing our services from the outset and including the terms and conditions of the business.

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