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Finding the right Detective in bracknell

Not all Private Detectives or Investigators are the same Searching for a quality service provider is a time consuming and important matter. Here are some useful tips on what you should look for dependent on the type of investigation or service that you require.

25 July 2016
  1.  Are they accredited or recognised by an investigation association or professional body?

Two of the most respected UK associations are: Association of British Investigators (ABI) and the Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI). In my opinion it is valuable to know about these associations as they can tell you if  the Company and or individual(s) you might use are insured and regulated by the association. To be part of either members must have their credibility and integrity checked and verified. This all takes place after a lengthy due diligence process which often includes a probing interview.

There are many unprofessional and unscrupulous persons and companies on various sites out there that have caused the profession incalculable damage. If things go wrong, which sometimes they do, unless they are regulated by an association you will have very little recourse, if any at all. The ABI is the only professional investigator association to be fully endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales and also in Scotland. This should reassure you that the investigator is a true professional with high standards of professionalism. 

Additionally, check that they are both Companies house and ICO-Information Commissionaires Office registered, this ensures they are Data Protection Act compliant, regarding safeguarding and processing confidential data. Please check that your Investigator or Private Detective has these accreditation's. They would normally be displayed on their website. Tip: Don't be afraid to ask for proof.

  1.  Are they experienced and skilled in the type of investigation that you require?

Buying the cheapest service is not always the best way to proceed. Your provider should always have the experience and skills to provide the service you require. This is demonstrated through their website and or by previous client referrals or endorsements. Tip: Check previous testimonials which should give you a good clue to how they performed and the level of service(s) they provided. Look for an experienced investigator, who has been conducting the type of work that you want completing. Some providers specialise in certain areas and fields only, which can provide you with an enhanced level of professionalism. This is particularly so when it comes to the specialist skills of surveillance and fraud.

  1. How much is it going to cost?

Every case is different. Some cases are more complex and complicated than others. Your provider should in every instance provide a detailed breakdown of the fees and charges, relevant to the type of enquiry required. Do not expect an instant quote, details need to be discussed. Payment will be either per hour or per day dependent on the work undertaken. This allows you to understand the costings involved, which vary dependent on the complexity of the case.

Tip: ask for an early consultation or quote, and expect the service provider to ask a number of in depth questions to assist in scoping and planning the investigation.

Most providers, dependent on the type of investigation being undertaken, will require an initial deposit. This is common and routine practice within the profession. Previous clients and or large companies who regularly use one service provider a number of times, tend to have a relationship of trust in the services and skills provided. Many have an account or hire on a regular basis.

  1.  What do I get from the investigation undertaken?

Your investigator is there to protect and assist you in every way possible. Good investigation companies will look at a range of cost effective options to assist you in making an informed choice. Crucially, and something you need to carefully consider, is whether the material obtained is going to be required later for Court proceedings. Check that you provider can and will provide both reports and statements, including correctly exhibited media material, such as photographs, video etc. Also check that they have experience in providing and giving evidence in Court proceedings on your behalf. Always check the credibility and experience being offered by your provider before using them. Tip: Ask for regular updates of how the case is progressing

  1.  Big V Small Investigation Companies?

 Tip: A smaller investigation companies will often provide a more personalised investigation service and this can be of benefit to a client who requires this. Again, there is no hard and fast rule. If you are a medium to large finance company, then your needs will be different to a private client with a matrimonial issue.

In conclusion, not all private investigation companies are the same.

Please take some time to check their experience, accreditation's and testimonials before hiring their services. Remember, your hiring them to provide their professional experience, expertise and services. Undoubtedly this is to solve or resolve an issue or problem. Early consultation is a must to achieving this.

Paul Read Investigations Ltd is a private investigation Company operating in the Thames Valley and London areas; staffed by former experienced Police, Customs, Military and Law Enforcement professionals who have years of operational and practical experience in all types of investigation, both criminal and civil. The website list the full range of services that they provide. They are here to help. The initial consultation is normally always free,so please give them a call.

(The views contained are the personal opinion of the author only).

They are contactable via their website at or 0800 246 5101 free call.